Aluphone Glennie High

Référence: Glennie High

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Aluphone Concert Bell with bells fra F5-C7 (20 bells).  This instrument was made for Drum Corps. It can easily be mounted on the frame/cart of a marimba/vibraphone. In that way one player can play both instruments at the same time. It can also be placed on cymbal stands.
Aluphone will not be affected by high temperatures from direct sunlight, they are resistant to water, so they are perfect for outdoor use. Aluphone bells are very durable. Generaly you can play with marimba mallets. lt can be rubber mallets, yarn mallets and even plastic mallets. Each type changes the timbre a lot hard. If you use a wooden stick you will get a crystal clear bell sound and using a bow produces the sound of glass. We do NOT recommend to play hard with brass mallets, that can damage the bells, but of course you can play it soft with metal beaters and get a brilliant sound.
Tuning A = 442

In this video you can hear the many different sounds the Aluphone can produce when played with different kinds of mallets.



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